In the last years, we have given several courses, mainly at the University of Genoa. Lecture notes and exercises, when available, can be found on the aulaweb platform (free access only for students enrolled at the University of Genoa)

Courses for the bachelor in  Mathematics  and Physics

  • Analytical Mechanics
  • Mathematical Methods for General Relativity
  •  General Relativity for Mathematicians

Courses for the master in  Mathematics  and Physics

  • Mathematical Methods for Quantum Mechanics
  • Models for Continuum Systems and Applications
  • Foundations of Mathematical Physics 2
  • Dynamical Systems and Analytical Mechanics
  • Complements of Mathematical Physics
  • Microlocal Analysis

Courses for the Ph.D. school in  Mathematics 

  • Introduction to Noncommutative Geometry
  • Introduction to Algebraic Quantum Field Theory